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English Language Learners


Student Oral and Written Language Observation Running Record

This is a research based field tested interim assessment / tool used by classroom teachers to assess English Language Leaners on an interim basis.

Listening and Speaking - Receptive Language

Reading and Writing - Productive Language

Multi-Lingual Learner Institute


A Bootcamp for Administrators, Teacher Leaders and Teachers of English Language Learners.


Culturally Responsive Academic Learning

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 Administrators, Teacher Leaders and Teachers of English Language Learners.

Professional Coaching

For Administrators and or Teachers

C-RAL Follow-up Coaching for Administrators and Teachers of English Language Learners

We Also Provide Small Group and or1-on-1 Topic/Skill Based Coaching For Administrators and Teachers of English Language Learners.

ELL Parent Seminars

Culturally Responsive Academic Learning

Coaching seminars specifically designed for Parents of ELLs are available enabling Parents to better support their student(s) at home and in the classroom. 

ELLivate District Partnership Program

A Program Designed to Support High School ELL Populations & Their Families

Tailored to your ELL Population, this program provides valuable ELL educational benefits to help families make more informed choices by providing expert guidance to meet college, career and success goals.

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