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The following is a sampling of the Professional Development and Coaching Contracts conducted by Education Consortium (Ed.C.), LLC.

National Geographic / Cengage in NYC

  • This project was a joint effort with National Geographic/Cengage to support the office of Non-Public Schools in New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). Recently, the office of Non-Public Schools purchased student and teacher resources to support English Language Learners (ELLs) in Archdioceses Catholic schools in New York City. The first phase of 352 days of consulting will support the Catholic schools in Queens and in Brooklyn.
  • Education Consortium was contracted by National Geographic/Cengage to create and produce ESL/ELA pacing guides/daily planners for New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Title III ELL Summer Enrichment Program, 2014.
  • This project also involved providing Professional Development to 101 teachers of ELLs Grades 3-8 on how to effectively use the pacing guides/daily planners during summer school (a 4 week window).
  • The daily lessons in the Pacing Guides (Grades 3-8) have been designed to support English language development through content learning.  Accordingly, all of the noted activities in each of the Pacing Guides (Grades 3-8) offer the ELL students the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities that incorporate listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Additionally, the daily lessons in the Pacing Guides (Grades 3-8) have also been designed to allow ELL students the opportunity to build  a strong oral language base in their second language, English, while also engaging them in rich opportunities to use academic language in purposeful ways that are embedded in content learning. 


New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) Children First Networks (CFNs)

  • CFN 412
    • Principal Institute: Developing an Instructional ELL ‘Lens’ to Improve Student Achievement
      • The objective of this professional development was to help Assistant Principals develop an English Language Learner (ELL) ‘supervisory lens’, with an emphasis on data driven instructional leadership, focused on targeted instructional planning and mapping aligned with NYS Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and differentiated and/or modified lessons to meet the instructional needs of ELL students in respective schools within CFN 412. 
    • Assistant Principal Institute: ELLs & ELA Instruction
      • The objective of this professional development was to develop and/or bolster Assistant Principals’ awareness of how to use ELA data to strategically design comprehensible and differentiated Reading Comprehension tasks/activities that are aligned to NYS CCLS for English Language Learners (ELLs) during ELA instruction.
  • CFN 109 
    • Instructional Leadership Institute: The English Language Learner
      • The objective of this two-day Instructional Leadership Institute, hosted at Columbia University, Teachers College, was to succinctly present theoretical and best methodological practices for English Language Learners (ELLs), with an emphasis on empowering  administrators, supervisors, teacher leaders, instructional coaches and/or classroom teachers (mainstream, special education and/or Bilingual/ESL) alike with targeted instructional strategies that not only provide ALL students access to the core curriculum; but also  assist in closing the achievement gap across grade levels, P-12, by bolstering student literacy and language development across the content areas.


Individual NYCDOE Public Schools

  • I.S. 230 -- School for Civics in the Community, Queens, NYC
  • I.S. 228 – David A. Boody, Brooklyn, NYC
  • P.S./I.S. 384 – Frances E. Carter, Brooklyn, NYC
  • The objective of this professional development at each school was to train approximately 20 content area teachers  (ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science and ESL) and school site administrators (supervising assistant principals/literacy and/or math coaches) with best theoretical and methodological practices (i.e., instructional protocols and/or strategies) for English Language Learners (ELLs), Students with Disabilities (SWD’s) and striving learners that can be used in the classroom on a regular basis, as well as help supervising administrators/ instructional coaches develop an instructional leadership lens to support closing the achievement gap for all students. Follow-up coaching was part and parcel to this professional development plan that allowed for on-site and on-going instructional support with immediate actionable feedback provided to participating classroom teachers after informal classroom visits.


Ulster BOCES: Hudson Valley Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (HV RBE-RN)

  • This work has come from a New York State contract with Ulster Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES): Ed.C. is the subcontractor that is a Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/W-OBE).  We are currently working on this School Reform Effort in collaboration with the Hudson Valley Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (HV RBE-RN) based in Ulster BOCES.  Our work involves providing both technical and instructional support to 10-15 school districts in Ulster County that involves helping them build sustainable and effective structures and systems, assemble sufficient and appropriate resources, and implement Common Core Learning Standards.  The objective is to cultivate a culture of learning that engages administrators and pedagogues across the districts : 1) institutionalize a culture of data-driven decision making; and 2) conduct excellent, targeted professional development based on a robust Teacher Leader Effectiveness System. Overall, the goal is to achieve high-quality and appropriately differentiated instruction that can be delivered consistently and effectively through targeted Student Learning Experiences and achieve superior Learning Outcomes.


New York State Public School Districts (Outside of New York City)

  • Utica City School District (10 schools)
    • The objective of this professional development contract was to train 90-100 classroom teachers (i.e., Elementary , Middle School and High School classroom teachers) with the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP): A framework that supports successful lesson panning and mapping for English Language Learners (ELLs), Students with Disabilities (SWD’s), and striving students.  The professional development series occurred over a three-day cycle, where each day occurred over a three month period. This type of professional development pacing allowed for the classroom teachers (participants) to attend one day, learn  instructional strategies and protocols that support ELLs, SWD’s and striving students, with enough time between training sessions to actually apply the strategies and protocols in their own classrooms before their next training session – teachers were encouraged to bring student work/artifacts as a way to share with other colleagues their successes and challenges. Follow-up coaching was part and parcel to this professional development plan that allowed for on-site and on-going instructional support with immediate actionable feedback provided to participating classroom teachers after informal classroom visits. 
  • Elmsford Union Free School District (3 schools)
    • The objective of this contract was to assist the superintendent and the principals from each of the schools to revamp and/or restructure their English as a Second Language (ESL) program that was key in providing mandated services to English Language Learners (ELLs) and Students with Disabilities (SWD’s).  In this capacity, Ed.C. was involved in generating a more comprehensive language allocation policy, whereby ELLs and ELL-SWD’s were afforded the mandated instructional units, as well as assisted in the development of implementing a Professional Learning Community (PLC) that targeted the instructional and social-emotional needs of ELLs and ELLs-SWD’s.
  • The Enlarged City School District of Middletown
    • The objective of this contract was to assist Middletown in the planning and implementation of a Dual Language program for all  students: Native English Speakers (NES) and English Language Learners (ELLs). Ed.C. has been involved with this particular contract now for three years. The first year was targeted in providing professional development to the new Kindergarten teachers.  Each ensuing year, Ed.C. continued to provide professional development of best instructional practices, conjointly with instructional coaching with selected classroom teachers that needed additional support.  Since a new grade level was introduced on a yearly basis,  Ed.C. provided the professional development for the next group of teachers joining the program. For example, during the first year Ed.C. trained the Kindergarten teachers, provided instructional coaching to those teachers needing additional support, and then in spring, provided professional development training for the next group of First grade teachers coming on board the following year.  This year, Ed.C. provided on-going instructional coaching via professional development and classroom visitations, with a projective date in May to begin training the Third grade teachers for school year, 2013-2014.
  • Port Chester Public Schools
    • The objective of this contract was to assist the Assistant Superintendent and the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment to help improve the performance of ELLs, districtwide. This effort involved conducting a comprehensive data analysis. The purpose of the foregoing service was to obtain a deep understanding of Port Chester Public School’s ELL student performance on the 2012-2013 NYSESLAT, ELA & Math tests.  Because this analysis was conducted on a district-wide basis (Executive Summary) and drilled down to include individual schools, grades levels, sub-groups etc., it allowed us to identify specific needs of the District/Schools/Students and to focus our Institutes/Training and Intensive Follow-up Coaching/Support in those needed areas.

Institutes & Workshops


Please take a moment to review information regarding a sampling of our Institutes and Workshops.

  • 3-Day MULTILINGUAL LEARNER INSTITUTE: CULTURALLY RESPONSIVE ACADEMIC LEARNING: The 3-Day Multilingual Learner Institute: Culturally Responsive Academic Learning, will enhance a public school administrator and teacher leader's pedagogical repertoire of theory, methodology, best practices and instructional leadership for ELLs, by targeting a more comprehensive understanding of how to systematically support English Language Development (ELD) through the content areas to bolster second language learning (English) and to help impact/improve student performance on state assessments.


  • INTENSIVE FOLLOW-UP COACHING SUPPORT:  The purpose of this service is to provide continuing and intensive follow-up coaching support to cohorts of administrators and teachers of ELLs who attend the 3-Day Multilingual Learner Institute: Culturally Responsive Academic Learning. The objective is to provide intensive follow-up coaching with targeted embedded professional development and inter-classroom visitation opportunities to acquire skills in providing constructive and actionable feedback to colleagues related to improving classroom instruction and student achievement. The intended goal is for administrators and/or teachers that participated in the Multilingual Learner Institute, to build ELL expertise and capacity at the school site level and across the district. 



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